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Chapter 2. Article 1. FISHING METHODS AND GEAR RESTRICTIONS. 2.00 FISHING METHODS -- General. (a) Except as otherwise authorized, all fish may be taken only by angling with one closely attended rod and line or hand line with not more than 3 hooks nor more than 3 artificial lures attached thereto. - 2013 & 2014 California Freshwater Sportfishing Regulations. http://www.dfg.ca.gov/

Know Your Seasons - Most species of fish eat and behave differently througout the year. Knowing when pre-spawn, spawn and post spawn occurs, will help your overall odds

When the water temperature rises above 63 degrees (F), trout become sluggish. At 67 degrees (F) they usually stay dormant and will not hit an artificial lure 

Catfish (and most panfish) can be caught year round, but the preferred water temperature is between 60-80 degrees (F) with 70 degrees (F) being optimal



       VIGILANT TRAILS Pocket / Survival Fishing Kit: $12.99 (USD) 


    The VIGILANT TRAILS Pocket / Survival Fishing Kit is uniquely designed to provide all the essential elements to sucessfully catch a wide range of species of fish. It's also small and portable enough to go virtually unoticed in backpacks, E.D.C. (Every-day-carry), B.O.B. (bug-out-bags), glove compartments and even in your back pocket. 

Among the 37 items is the uniquely designed VIGILANT TRAILS Hand Line Winder. This piece of equipment takes the place of a traditional rod and reel, yet still allows the fisherman to easily cast and retrieve. It's also pre-spooled with 150' of clear, 8 pound, abrassion resistant monofilament fishing line. 

Two grubs*, one crawdad and four artificial worms* will help land many different kinds of species of North American fish. A cigar shaped float, nylon coated wire leaders*, egg and split shot sinkers*, swivels, and 12 hooks* will also help insure successful angling. A lockback knife is also included to help with various angling related tasks such as cutting fishing line, making fish traps, de-scaling, and preparing the fish. 

The VIGILANT TRAILS Fishing Guide will help target different species of fish such as trout, catfish, panfish and bass and what techniques to use as the seasons change. It also details alternative fishing methods such as traps and poison and provides a number of useful diagrams related to knots, rigging / baiting methods and trap design. 


* - See "Contents" list below for sizes and quantities



1 - VIGILANT TRAILS Fishing Guide
1 - VIGILANT TRAILS Large Hand Line Winder 
1 - 10 Pound, Clear Monofilament Fishing Line (150')
1 - Lockback Knife (5" overall, colors vary)
4 - Artificial Worms 
1 - Crawfish Lure 
1 - Ring Grub 
1 - Curly Tail Football Grub 
1 - Snap-on Cigar Fishing Float 
2 - Nylon Coated Wire Leaders
2 - Egg Sinkers (1/2 ounce)
2 - Treble Hooks (size 6 and 10)
2 - Barrel Swivels 
2 - Split Shot Sinkers (size 7)
4 - BB Split Shot Sinkers
10 - Single Shank Hooks 


           3-4 Pound Brown Bullhead*     2-3 Pound Brown Bullhead*

*Catch & Release 



 VIGILANT TRAILS Survival Fishing Kit, Model: DJV-0215: $21.99 (USD)


  • New for Fall 2016, At 82 pieces, it is the most comprehensive survival fishing kit on the market today.
  • Thoroughly field tested and the only one that offers a serviceable lock back knife, gill net, hand line winder and 50 hooks
  • Greatly increases your odds of landing fish and other aquatic food sources most likely to be encountered in survival situations across North America.
  • Large variety of lures, jigs, and artificial baits will attract many different species of fresh water, warm water and salt water fish.
  • The gill net works even when you aren’t and is invaluable for catching fish and invertebrates like craw fish.
  • Pre-spooled with twelve pound, premium grade monofilament line. The preferred choice of many fisherman due to its consistent, reliable performance.


1 – VIGILANT TRAILS Fishing Guide 1 – Heavy Duty Metal Box w/straps & compass 1 – VIGILANT TRAILS Hand Line Winder 1 – 12 Pound Clear Monofilament Line (100’) 1 – Lock back Knife (5” overall, colors vary) 4 –Artificial Worms 1 – Crawfish Lure 1 – Frog Lure 1 – Cricket Lure 2 – 1/16oz Round head w/hook 2 – Snap-on Cigar Fishing Float *colors vary 2- Nylon Coated, Wire Leaders (6”) 6 – Sinkers (1-1oz, 2-1/2 oz, 3 -#7 ) 50 – Hooks (size 3-12) 1 – VIGILANT TRAILS Gill Net (54”X 66” / 2” x 2” mesh) 2 – Barrel Swivels 3 – Curly Tail Grubs (3”, 2” and 1”) 1 – Shad Jig 1 – Metal Spoon.