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Most hikers either forget to bring a first aid kit or pack an entire drug store. Each of these approaches are bound to fail. You should always bring a first aid kit and one that is appropriate for length of time and according to your medical knowledge. If you don't know how to properly apply it, leave it home  

Before every trip, review: www.noaa.gov. They utilize a Google Maps interface to generate an accurate 5 day forecast




VIGILANT TRAILS  Pocket / Survival Sewing Kit 

                                         $17.37 (USD)


The Vigilant Trails Survival Sewing Kit, Model: SK-513 is the most comprehensive, complete and all-purpose survival sewing kit on the market. Use it to repair canvas, cotton, leather, tents, tarps, shoes, packs, bags, seats, sails, etc. All components have been thoroughly field tested and pass a                                          rigorous quality control process                                               



1 – Heavy duty hinged metal container (4.25”X3”X1”), 1 – Heavy duty metal awl with two needles, 1 – Metal thimble, 1 – Heavy duty, water proof, adhesive patch (3”X4”), 2 – Heavy duty zip ties (6”), 3 – Pre-spooled thread (Tan, Black, White/ 41 yards each), 2 – Black buttons (15mm), 4 - White buttons (9 and 18mm), 2 – Tan buttons (19mm), 2 – Curved needles (large and small), 4 – Straight needles (various sizes and purposes), 7 – Safety pins (3xlarge, 2xmedium, 2xsmall)